Build YOUR Network.

Grow YOUR Net Worth!

Everyone knows networking and referrals are the best ways to grow business. And it’s something we all do all the time. However, when you refer someone, THAT someone’s net worth increases. We REFERRED You Business allows you to refer businesses and professionals you believe in, while Building YOUR Network and Growing YOUR Net Worth, unlike other review, networking and referral sites. Companies would pay their sales representatives – why not get paid commissions and referral fees for YOUR connections?

We REFERRED You Business is a network that shares commissionable leads through referrals. Referral agreements, commission structures, and paid referrals are automatically tracked in the system, and the entire network is open to you. By joining now during the Pre-Launch Phase, you receive your network page set up for a discounted rate of only $90 (50% off $180) and your first month hosting free (regularly $39 per month)! When the system officially launches, you will receive 50% of the initial set-up fee for new members (That’s $90 for every person you sign up), access to a community, tracking system for sharing referrals, business agreements, contracts, and commissions based on your sales and distribution of your services to the network.

Are you ready to Build YOUR Network and Grow YOUR Net Worth? Let’s start working together!

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